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RIM will survive - at least for now

So today I looked at my old Blackberry Bold 9700, saw the contract was up and decided to renew it.

Let's face it Blackberry phones in general, even the latest, are becoming more than a little dated, and it won't be until summer (maybe) that RIM will release a phone that may compete with iPhones/Android and the like.

So for me it seemed the obvious thing to do was get an Android phone (like the Samsung Galaxy S2) or even an iPhone 4s.

... but then all is not what it seemed:

  • The Samsung Galaxy S2 does not have the latest OS, although upgrades to Ice Cream Sandwich (the latest Android OS) are slowly being rolled out. I'm not sure if you are able to manually upgrade the OS yourself like you can with Blackberrys.
  • The iPhone 4S does not support the FLAC audio format. What the heck? Seems like Apple wants you to stay with iTunes and move no further.
  • It probably won't be until 2013/2014 that I will even consider using a Windows phone (simply because there are more apps and better adoption rate with other phones right now, that does not mean to say the phone is bad).
  • Roaming - RIM have their own data servers which allows cheap roaming when visiting the US etc. I simply spend an extra £15.00 or so per month (on an ad hoc basis) and then I can roam with data as much as I like abroad. If I use any other non Blackberry phone I will have to switch off my 3G as costs will be far too expensive for me to handle.

  Summer 2012 may prove to be more tempting:

  • A brand new Blackberry model with a brand new OS may be released (RIM no doubt are hoping and praying it will be a success).
  • The Samsung S3 will be out.
  • The much rumoured iPhone 5 may decide to make a debut, although I suspect the tariffs will be more compatible with the FanBoys than people actually searching for real value for money.
  • Microsoft may pull a magic trick - they are making their new desktop operating system more touch screen friendly, and moving towards the tablet market (but of course).
  • Maybe there will be more attractive network packages out there (but then again - pigs can fly).

There are also some tempting services out there which I may use in the future

Anyway I'm sticking with the old phone. I'm no longer under contract, and I will get 50% off my old plan by changing to a 30 day SIM only contract with T-Mobile UK. No brainer. RIM still has me on their network (when it is a case between cheaper/better network vs better gadget, the network will always win in my book).

It seems with all these "choices" available, there really is no good consumer choice right now if you plan to spend time outside your own country. I also note after spending some time in the USA recently, the choice is even worse. Most phones won't even allow a SIM!


Alex Shirley Support
# Alex Shirley Support
03 February 2012 05:52

In fact I'm back on a 24 month contract with the old phone. £5.00 a month is pretty good. If I need to move on I'll just pay them off the balance for two years (£120.00 or less).
online colleges
# online colleges
04 May 2012 01:25
Still using it after more than 2 years.
This is my first BB experience and a great one! I have always loved smartphones and when I was first introduced to the Bold it was love at first sight! I really like its design and looks of a serious business phone

alicson katich
cuff links
# cuff links
11 May 2012 03:41
It's great news that the phone will compete with iPhones..but if you think to used for business then i want to recommend the blackberry phones which are good for it.
national tattoo
# national tattoo
31 May 2012 03:05
The iPhone 4S does not support the FLAC audio format because Apple has their own lossless codec.Apple must have to think on this because FLAC is more supported by other players.
russ brown
# russ brown
08 June 2012 00:51
More and more customers ditching their BlackBerries for iPhones and Android-supported devices. The BlackBerry catapulted to success by "being the most practical portable email reader you could get," but its "uniqueness was decimated by the iPhone in 2007.
norcal skydiving
# norcal skydiving
09 June 2012 01:11
FLAC format with the competitive features of providing marvelous audio quality as well as much smaller file size. but FLAC is open-source and royalty-free format, it is not a compatible audio format with iTunes and with all Apple devices.
wireless home security
# wireless home security
13 June 2012 05:49
I think Blackberry will be the good to go for if it is used for business purpose.More over we can say both these have some unique features with them which differentiate them from each other.
Julia Robert
self storage maryland
# self storage maryland
23 June 2012 05:29
The upgrade of the samsung galaxy S2 to ICS have one critical problem that Because of ICS OS feature, Adobe flash and Bluetooth 3.0 HS will not be supported in ICS OS.

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